Welcome to Sober Messages

Sober Messages is an inspirational sobriety journal with stories and motivational messages you can take with you on your journey.

You're at the beginning of a journey, in this case, my journey. It has no end; I did not expect it to. It's beginnings were like the soft launch of a website or beta product: not much fanfare, no great revelations and rather hush-hush.

Read in any order that makes sense to you. While most of the entries are organized chronologically, some entries are retrospective.

To help you navigate, arrows in circles pointing left and right are at the top of each page (except this page because, well, this is the beginning). You'll find a link to the Table of Contents at the top of every page.

Audio for each journal entry is in the works. I'll post as soon as it is finished.






Sober Messsages is an inspirational Sobriety Journal authored by Mag McGinn, Product Designer by day, whole foods whiz in the kitchen in the evenings and grateful human to two cats.
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